This short film was made for the 2009 San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival. This involves picking a genre randomly from a hat and incorporating 3 elements to make a short film over a weekend. This was our draw.

Genre: Historical Fiction/Period Piece
Character: Amos Belanger (Historian)
Prop: Crayon
Line of Dialogue: "That's not what I meant"

Unlike traditional entries for this festival which tend to focus heavily on production value and special effects, we decided to take a different approach focusing instead on character development, acting, and story. We came up with an overall concept for the event that took place, and it was up to the actors to develop their own characters. None of this was scripted. Instead a rough outline of questions were written for "the Historian" to ask, and it was up to the actors to improvise answers as their characters.

Shot on a Panasonic DVX100A
Cut/Color on Final Cut Studio 2